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SomnoBrux - For the treatment of teeth grinding

An innovation in Sleep Bruxism Splints. 

What is Sleep Bruxism?  

Sleep Bruxism is the technical term for grinding and clenching teeth during sleep, that abrades teeth and may cause facial pain. It is a very common condition and may be a habitual nightly occurrence or manifest due to increased stress or anxiety. Prolonged bruxing can result in a number of serious problems and without treatment can irreversibly damage the structure and surface enamel of your teeth. Those who suffer from moderate to severe sleep bruxism often suffer from jaw pain known as TMJ pain, headaches, damaged and loose teeth and gum recession.   

What are the symptoms of Sleep Bruxism?

·         Teeth grinding or clenching, which may be loud enough to awaken your sleep partner
·         Teeth that are worn down, flattened, fractured or chipped
·         Worn tooth enamel, exposing deeper layers of tooth
·         Increased tooth sensitivity
·         Jaw pain and muscle tightness
·         Earache – because of severe jaw muscle contractions
·         Headache
·         Chronic facial pain  

The SomnoBrux  

For the treatment of sleep bruxism SomnoBrux is worn during sleep to prevent against tooth damage caused by grinding, and to alleviate jaw and muscle pain. Similar to a mouth guard SomnoBrux is worn at night to alleviate the pressure of bruxing and clenching by providing a protective barrier between your tooth surfaces.

A quantum leap from standard bruxism devices SomnoBrux is designed with your comfort in mind. Your SomnoBrux is custom made making it a precise snug fit and allowing you to have full range of mouth opening and closing. You will be able to talk, yawn and drink water while wearing the splint.    

When it comes to treating your sleep bruxism do not compromise on a poor quality splint. SomnoBrux is made from premium materials and is backed by a full one year warranty. Ask your dentist for the best. 

Technical Descripition SomnoBrux - for Dentists

SomnoMed, the world’s leading dental sleep appliance company has expanded its globally recognized line of appliances and is proud to introduce SomnoBrux, an innovative range of sleep-rated bruxism splints. Available in a range of designs including Michigan, Tanner and Gelb, SomnoBrux can be made from hard, flex (SMH BFlex) and combination hard / flex materials. Utilizing SomnoMed’s unrivaled SMH BFlex material and designed with patient comfort and adaptability in mind, SomnoBrux is a quantum leap forward from standard bruxism devices. With over 8 years of research Flex’s fit provides superior retention and comfort, is unlike anything seen in a resilient material and is clinically proven in tens of thousands of patient treatments worldwide.

Offering the highest quality and excellent craftsmanship synonymous with all SomnoMed products, SomBrux is a demand driven natural evolution of our dental sleep appliances.  The SomnoBrux will be available from February 2010

How can I get a SomnoBrux?

If your teeth are worn, damaged or sensitive, if you suffer from pain in your face or jaw talk to your dentist about the benefits of a SomnoBrux splint for the treatment of your night time grinding or call SomnoMed today on 02 9467 0400.

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