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The Successful Partnership - Dentist and Sleep Physician

  • Dr Peter Collins is one of Somnomeds Platinum Dentists having now treated over 380 patients with a Somnodent device for Sleep Apnea.
  • Peter’s Practice is located at Dee Why on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
  • Peter trained at Sydney University graduating in 1975 and has been at Dee Why since 1984.
  • Peter is passionate about Dental Sleep Medicine.

“I first got involved in dental sleep medicine because of my snoring and sleep apnea issues. I was offered a UPPP in 1979 but chose not to have that done and then in 1996 I had upper airways surgery which did not really solve the problem and thought that there just had to be a better way. So in 1997 I embarked on research and self education attending a number of courses both here and overseas in the area of sleep apnea and sleep devices and I continue to so even today.

“What I enjoy about this side of dentistry is actually seeing people’s lives change. It is very often not just the patient but also their partner’s life as well.”

“We have had some amazing success stories. You get a lot of really positive feed back which is really encouraging. For example many husbands and wives who have not been able to sleep together for years are now able to and not only that but can go away on vacation without the need to take cumbersome equipment. In most cases (80+%) it is encouraging normalisation of apnea events and reduction in intrusive snoring occurs.

What is really important to me is that I have a good group of physicians I work closely with.I am here to advise them if they have any questions regarding a potential patient.

We catch up probably four times a year and this is really important from a networking perspective.

You keep up to date with the latest science and learn what is important to the Specialist when it comes to a patient outcome .By meeting on a regular basis you build a rapport and it is easy to pick up the phone and talk.

It is great to get regular referrals but it is also very important to keep the referring specialist informed about what is happening with their patient.

There is also the opportunity to do a follow up sleep study and just make sure that the device is working in reducing Sleep Apnea events.Sleep apnea can be a debilitating disease and I encourage the patients to come back and see me for titration.It really is important that you get the best possible health outcome for your patient.”

Peter works with Associate Professor Kieth Burgess and Dr Frank Elsworth of the Penisular Sleep Laboratory and some of the local General Practitioners are also involved in the regular study groups.

Visit Dr Collins website: http://www.dentalsurgeonsdeewhy.com.au/

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