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Bruxism is on the rise, with medical experts reporting that around 20% of the population grind their teeth whilst they sleep. Many people are not even aware they have bruxism until they develop jaw pain, toothaches, or a sleep partner complains about the grinding awakening them at night.

Treatment for bruxism normally combines two different strategies. There is the dental aspect, which involves being fitted for a dental splint, like SomnoBrux which protects teeth against night time grinding – and a Medical aspect, which normally involves exploring a variety of techniques including nutrition and exercise to remove stress and anxiety and improve relaxation before bedtime.

Dr. Mark Rosenberg (Millennium Dental, Mosman) has over 26 years of industry experience, both in Australia and in London. He is a Product Champion for SomnoBrux therapy, having used SomnoMed’s splints for 3 years and insists that comfort is imperative to patient efficacy.

“The appliance (SomnoBrux) is easily adjusted and my results are generally good as the appliance is comfortable to wear – patients won’t wear anything that’s uncomfortable”.

When asked why he uses SomnoBrux over other locally made splints, “I switched over initially for the price but I’m happy with the quality- the most important thing for me is that the appliance fits well- the fewer redo’s the better!”

“I’m happy with the service, turnaround time and general communication with the lab”.

Dr Erik Magee and his team have operated out of his Camberwell practice since April 1999. With largely a family demographic, his practice specialises in all facets of general dentistry including, Dental Sleep Medicine with the support of local specialists.

“I find the SomnoBrux splint a well-constructed and durable appliance. I use SomnoBrux to replace old splints and in new patients who are heavy bruxers , needing a device that will last”.

When asked why he uses SomnoBrux over other locally made splints, “I find the Somnobrux to have a good fit, accurate occlusion and good retention. Turnaround time could be a bit faster but my access to the SomnoMed technicians is excellent. They are knowledgeable and helpful”.

With talented Dentists like Dr Magee and Dr Rosenberg switching over to SomnoBrux perhaps your practice should consider the benefits of using a locally made device too?

The SomnoBrux is designed with comfort in mind and backed by a 1 year warranty. It’s custom made giving your patient a precise and comfortable fit.

For further information about SomnoBrux, visit our website or call 1800 445 377
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