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Innovation Timeline

Product Developments
SomnoMed's independent research, continuous innovation and instituting medical manufacturing standards has resulted in SomnoDent becoming the state-of-the-art and clinically proven medical oral appliance for sleep apneoa. The most comfortable and effective design and treatment solution for over 80,000 patients in 20 countries.

SomnoDent Lingul-Less - AVAILABLE NOW

Product Features:
  • Custom made device
  • Significant impact on sleep metrics and airway volume.
  • Minimally impinges on precious tongue room
  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • 20% thinner than the original SomnoDent BFlex

SomnoDent G2 - COMING SOON IN 2012!

Product Features:
  • Fast and simple titration
  • No metal components
  • Modular design with broad patient specturm
  • Improved therapy by innovative design
  • 20% smaller than the original SomnoDent BFlex

SomnoDent G2 raises the standard in comfort, compliance and treatment for the patient and Doctor. G2's metal free modular advancement system enables 'click-on' 'click-off' advancement providing unparalleled control for the dentist throughout the entire therapy. G2's propreitary design places patients in the most comofrtable and desirable location for Apneoa treatment. G2 has a slim profile with greater antero-posterior range as well as new lateral and vertical movement control options allowing dentists complete controla s individual patients needs change throughout time. G2 will be accompanied by a premium travel case with bedside storage and maintenance kit for the patient.

SomnoMed MATRx

SomnoMed® MATRx™ is a revolutionary diagnostic system that combines the expertise of a sleep dentist and a sleep physician to identify patients that will benefit from SomnoDent® therapy and objectively identifies their optimal protrusive 
position in a PSG environment.

To use this medical diagnostic device a dentist assesses the patient and fits them with a temporary device which is then titrated in an attended sleep study without disturbing the patients sleep.

Clinically valided in two previous studies, the SomnoMed MATRx patented technology was developed by Zephyr Sleep Technologies Inc. Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Remmers. Dr. Remmers was one of the first investigators to demonstrate that sleep apnea is due to an anatomical narrowing of the pharynx. He has developed a number of medical devices to treat and  diagnose this condition and remains clinically active at the Foothills Sleep Laboratory at the University of Calgary.

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