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Dr Noshir Mehta comes to Australia

 AACP first Australian Symposium- Dr Noshir Mehta Comes to Australia

Not much is taught about temporomandibular disorders in dental school. Practitioners who have an interest in this field are forced to sort out the puzzle of TMD treatment a piece at a time. We pick up a piece we can use to help our patients from one guru, and another piece from the next. Maybe we have to discard the previous four pieces when we hear another speaker. What we need is someone with a background in both the practical and theoretical aspects of tmd treatment, who has successfully practiced what they preach, and brings a wealth of experience, without the requirement to follow any particular dogma. The Australian Branch of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain is very pleased to introduce Dr Noshir Mehta to Australia. 

Dr Noshir Mehta is the Director of the Craniofacial Pain Centre at Tufts University in Boston. He is one of the premier researchers in TMD in the world. He has a lifetime of experience treating the most difficult pain patients that America can throw at him, while managing a pain centre that incorporates top practitioners with diverse experience and philosophies. He does this with tact, and a calm competence that brings out the best in everyone that he works with.

His research topics include the effect of occlusal dimension on cervical and upper extremity strength; the effect of nocturnal parafunction on the masticatory system; the effect of different bites on gait; the relevance of mandibular midline position to TMD symptoms; the effect of mandibular position on body posture; and the relationship of a change in mandibualr position to EMG levels in facial and cervical musculature.

I have been privileged to hear Dr Mehta speak, and to watch him treat patients. The focus of his work and treatment philosophy is the inter-relationship of TMD,nd cervical and sleep disorders. His 30 years of experience treating TMD has given him unique insights into the etiology of TMD, and the use of occlusal splints in its treatment. We are privileged that he has agreed to share some of these insights with us.

In my experience, Dr Mehta is unique in the world of TMD. He has credentials in both the research and clinical realms. He has a humility and openness which is refreshing, and a compassion for his patients which commands respect. No-one should miss hearing him speak at the inaugural AACP convention in Sydney, March 11-13th 2011.


Dr Karen McCloy, Education Officer AACP Australian Chapter.

If you are interested in hearing Dr Mehta and many other wonderful speakers presenting the most current views on Pain and Sleep at the AACP Symposium next March please visit our website on www.aacfp.com.au for all the Symposium details. On the site is the complete list of our speakers as well as the lecture summaries. Registration, Hotel bookings and AACP membership is also available through the website. Alternately contact us on conference@aacfp.com.au. We look forward to seeing you in March.

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